Kosoom Lighting focuses on LED lighting in commercial spaces used in stores, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels and other scenarios. Kosoom is a professional commercial lighting products and commercial lighting services company that integrates design, development, production, sales and service. Kosoom’s headquarters are located at Via Talamoni, 6, Brugherio MB 20861, Italy,
Whether you are a store owner, an electrician or a designer, we offer free consultation and lighting design, from program planning to technical support for installation and commissioning of lamps.

Our service process:

 You provide information
  • Ground plan and dimension drawings of the building floor plan
  • Plan and dimensions of functional zoning, arrangement of furniture and dimensions of length, width and height
  • Furniture color and color coordination of the whole room
  • Ceiling height, ceiling shape, photo representation of special decorative parts
  • Requirements for power supply and lighting control (optional)
We provide you with a preliminary plan
  • Lighting design and description of each area,
  • Preliminary number of lights,
  • Estimated total price of the lamps (within ±10% deviation from the final cost)
You are satisfied with the preliminary plan
  • Online payment sincerity deposit
We provide you with a complete solution
  • illumination scheme, 3D scheme, 2D scheme
  • lighting calculation data for each place
  • material list of lamps, material list of lamp accessories
  • drawings for installation and positioning of lamps
  • Lamp power distribution diagram and control drawings (optional)
After completion of the plan
  • You pay for the lamps online and we deliver the goods for you
During the installation of the lamp
  • We solve for you the problems that occur during the installation until the completion of the project

Here are some successful cases where we have used our services, for your information:

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